When is it time for a new Roof Replacement

A roof is part of the building envelope. Deciding when to get a roof replacement is a big decision.it is an expensive investment in a home. Different types of roofs have different life span which depends on the material used. Moreover, old roofs often need replacement rather than a new one.

Following some points will help you to decide whether your roof needs replacement or not.

1.Dark steaks and stains:

Dark Steaks and Stains

This is one of the internal check one can perform to check roof conditions from inside the house. It is simple to identify as well. If you see dark stains or streaks of water running down from your roof it is likely that your roof is leaking and dampening your walls, destroying your house structure for which it needs to be replaced ASAP.

2-sagging areas:

Water can cause the structure of the roof to sag. There are more possible causes of the roof to sag, for example, snow and ice, wind, roofing materials.

It is mainly moisture damage. To prevent sagging you should keep your roof clear of water and make sure that your roofing materials are of premium quality and are installed properly. You should also check that how much weight a roof can carry foe example in snowy areas sagging may be due to a lot of snow on rooftops. Your ceiling may not fall but it is always wise to be taken care of on time.roof sagging

3-It’s Old

The age of the roof depends upon the type of materials used and how it was build. Most roofs comes with the warranty of 20 years. If you haven’t changed your roof in two decades you should probably think of changing it in time. Often roof with shingles have this 20 years age factor. Furthermore roofs are exposed to extreme weather conditions which eventually takes its troll.Aging Roof

4-Curled or cracked shingles:

It is an external check. Shingles should lie flat against the roof. If you notice curled, cracked or damaged shingles then you should immediately repair them. Check if the roof is losing a lot of shingle granules. A roof losing granules it at last of its stage. Buckled shingles occurs due to moisture in attic area forcing roof nails out of roof deckling. Cracked shingles can blow off during heavy storms and may hit someone.

5-Missing Granules:

A roof loose granules when it is on last of its age. Missing granules is a sign that a roof is losing its weatherproof properties. You can check downspouts for evidence and your gutters for granule buildup. The granules help shingles shed water and protect them from harmful UV rays.

6-Damaged flashing:

Flashing is the material that is placed around the chimneys and roof vents to prevent the movement of water into the roof. It is made up of materials which water cannot penetrate such as aluminium and galvanized steel. Flashing may be damaged by factors such as weather oxidation and deterioration of materials under flashing. Damaged or loose flashing can cause water to leak inside you walls and can cause extensive damage to house interior and can cause molding and dampening of wooden entity present in one’s house.

7-you can see sunlight from your attic:

Seeing sunlight pass-through is not a good sign because underlying decking on your roof may be in a weakened state if light can pass so can water, air and many other things. Smaller holes can be sealed and patched but bigger ones like structural damage can’t be.it also means that you have insulating problems. It is an internal check.


All in all, there are many reasons why you might need a new roof replacement. If you’re looking for a professional and reputable company, give us a call and give us a chance. With over 20 years of experience, our team of roofing experts will come out and give you a free quote!